Domina Obscura - Lady Shadow


Lady Shadow reigns over a world that is covered in eternal darkness, a world that exists within the dimension of dreams and nightmares. She is the embodiment of everything that is wrong in this world.

This mod adds a new playable race to the game, you can choose it after starting a new game or by using the console command ‘showracemenu’ to open the character customisation menu.

Abilities and powers

Atrus Veneficus
Ranged spell that damages one target.

Atrus Vestis
Protective spell.

Damages one target on touch.

Visum in Obscurum
Allows you to see in darkness.

Atra Flamma
Creates dark flames coming from your hands, will increase you destruction skill.

This ability changes the appearance of your body, making you stronger.

Atra Pluvia
Changes the weather into the darkest storm you’ve ever seen. Works best when using in bright daylight.

Aura Obscura
Surrounds your character by a dark aura, increases your sneak skill.

Gladius Obscurus
Creates two powerfull swords.

Ocula Obscura
Another weather changing spell, dark eyes appear in the sky allowing you to see any living creature.

Dark Vigour

This is the magical energy unique to the race. It is determined by your level. Every ability will use a certain amount of Dark Vigour depending on the strength. When using an ability a message will popup showing the current and maximum value.

You can not simply refill your Dark Vigour by buying a potion and using it or sleeping. In the game world there are 3 “Stones of Corruption”. One of them is near Vilverin, the other ones you will have to find yourself.

At these stones you can convert Welkynd Stones into Dark Vigour Crystals. By using these crystals you can refill your Dark Vigor completely.



Use 7zip to extract the files.

Move the Data folder to the Oblivion folder.


Video\Xenius\Dea Obscura

Sound\fx\Xenius\Dea Obscura



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