I’m still around

I’m still around

Recently I got back into Lego after a long time of absence. I always enjoyed Lego Technic during my childhood. My father got into Lego several years ago as well, so being interested in it as an adult was not something new to me.

I just started creating mocs (My Own Creations), in addition to building Lego’s official models. They are quite small for now, but I hope to get better at it in the future.

They can be found at Rebrickable.

As you may know I used to create mods video games. I always enjoyed doing so. The past few years have been quite difficult for me, I wanted to get back into modding but I had a hard time motivating myself even though I had several ideas for new stuff. So, for now I keep myself busy with other activities. I might return at some point; who know what the future might hold 🙂

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