Lady Shadow - Embodiment of Darkness


Lady Shadow reigns over a world that is covered in eternal darkness, a world that exists within the dimension of dreams and nightmares. She is the embodiment of everything that is wrong in this world.

This mod adds a new playable race to the game, you can choose it after starting a new game or by using the console command ‘showracemenu’ to open the character customisation menu.

Abilities and powers

Dark Vigour
The Darkness within prevents you from contracting any diseases.

Black Aura
Envelops yourself in a dark aura, increasing both your magicka and destruction skill.

Inflicts Dark damage on your opponents.

Blind Fear
Shroud your target in a black aura, making it run away in fear.

Ethereal Tenebrosity
Turn into a shadow that is invisible for anyone except yourself.


Lady Shadow is a character from a story (unfinished) I wrote a few months ago. She appears in the main character’s dreams and nightmares. In Dutch she is known as “De Vrouwe des Duisternis” and she is the offspring of a goddess that rules over a flat world that exists within the dimension of dreams and nightmares. The upper side of this world is covered in darkness, Lady Shadow reigns over this realm.

In her world things are different from the real world. It often rains, but the rain drops consist of a black thicker than water substance. Sometimes the sky clears and big eyes appear in it. Using these, Lady Shadow is able to look for trespassers in her realm, so called Dream Wanderers. If she finds a suitable subject, she may use them as a vessel to travel into the real world.

It is said that this woman of darkness is a representation of everything that is wrong in the real world, that she is a corrupted form of Mother Nature. Even though she sounds like a monstrosity she does look quite human in shape. The difference is that she does not have any hair. Instead she has bony ridges as brows and cable-like strands sticking out of her head. She has black eyes that take in as much light as possible. Her back looks like it was torn open and burned into a big blackened scar. Even her spine is visible. Additionally, she likes to wear clothing made out of blackened bones. The origin of these bones is unknonwn.



1. Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files
2. Find the Skyrim folder here: Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim
3. Move the Data folder into your Skyrim folder
4. Merge the folder when asked, it will not get replaced
5. Activate XRCO.esp
6. Activate RaceCompatibility.esm


Remove the following files and folders:

Additional Info