Lego Mocs (My own creations)

On this page you can find a selection of mocs that I created using various Lego sets. For now they are quite small, because I only just started doing this. Hopefully I will get better at in the future.

42102 - Crane

It’s been a while since I submitted my last moc. Today I felt like creating something new. At first I was thinking about making some sort of drill, but that didn’t work out too well. So I decided to go for a crane instead. Originally I made kind of a spider crane, but it was not very stable; so I went for wheels.

From the leftovers I also made a grabber piece which was easily added to the crane.

42102 - Forklift

A forklift made from the versatile 42102 set. I also have the 42079 set, which inspired me to create this tiny version. Operating it is a bit more primitive though. While you can lift the fork piece, locking it at the highest position is done manually by turning the pin/axle connector between the beams.

42102 - Road Roller

This is my second attempt at creating my own design using this set, the previous one didn’t end up being a finished model so it was never submitted. I decided to go for a road roller, as there aren’t many around.

31100 - Race Car

This is my first Creator moc, made from the small 31100 set. It was an attempt at creating a racing car, without looking at any reference material. I will upload a few photos later.

11001 - Little City

At first I was planning to make a moc of the 42102 Claas Xerion set, but my first attempt didn’t end too wel. Instead, I went for this little Classic set and made a quaint little skyline without using any references.

From the leftovers I made a few weird cars as well.

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