Otherworldly Beings


Otherworldly Beings is a collection of unusual custom races that were inspired by existing mythology and my imagination.

Lady Shadow – Embodiment of Darkness
Also known as Vrouwe des Duisternis. She is the Embodiment of Darkness, representing everything that is wrowng in this world. It is said she is the corrupted form of Mother Nature. Lady Shadow reigns over a world that exists within the dimension of dreams and nightmares. Those who enter her realm through their dreams may end up being possessed, her way of travelling into the real world.

She Viper – Personification of the Ouroboros
As the Goddess of the Cycle (Godin van de Cyclus) she symbolises the cyclic nature of things; such as life and death, day and night, growth and decay. She is the personification of the mythologicial Ouroboros. She Viper is also the creator of Lady Shadow’s realm.

Rusalka – A Water Entity
In Slavic folklore, the rusalka (русалка) is a female entity, often malicious toward mankind and frequently associated with water. 

Dryad – Tree Nymph
A Dryad (Δρυάδες) is a tree nymph or tree spirit in Greek mythology. They were normally considered to be very shy creatures except around the goddess Artemis, who was known to be a friend to most nymphs.

Leshy – Forest Spirit
The Leshy (леший) is a male tree spirit that rules over the forest and hunting. He is a being from Slavic mythology.

Most races are female only. The Leshy is pretty much a male version of the Dryad. There was a male version of Lady Shadow as well (when it was still called “Obscuuri”, but I’m not sure if that one is included. Included as well are pieces of clothing made specifically for these races.

  • Lady Shadow – Tenebrosity Suit
  • She Viper – Spiral Bra (not sure if there was a bottom piece as well)
  • Rusalka – Leftover Rags
  • Dryad – Leaf Dress

This mod was originally released on my blog back in 2013, unfortunately I never got around to finishing it. Which means the races do not have special powers and so on. If you would like to play the game as Lady Shadow or the Dryad, you might want to use the stand-alone mods, as they are more complete.



– Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files
– Find the Skyrim folder here: Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim
– Place the OwB.esp and OwB.bsa files in your Data folder


Deactivate the OwB.esp file

Remove the following files and folders:

Additional Info