The Dryad - A Tree Nymph


This mod adds two new races to the game, called “Dryad” and “Autumn Dryad”. The only difference between them is some of the colors. The Dryads have their own unique spells and abilities, they even have their own clothes, accessories and weapons, specifically made for them.

All of these items will be added to your automatically, but not all at once. At the start of the game you will get a few, while you gain levels more items will be given. This goes on until level 20.

Abilities and powers

Nature’s Revenge
Ranged spell
Inflicting Earth* damage.

Tree Link
Daily power
Temporal constant health regeneration, slow but long lasting.

Effect on self
Highly increases your movement speed and jump height.

Touch spell
Roots your target causing paralyzation.

Earth Quake
Daily power
Ranged spell, inflicting Earth damage on multiple targets.

Wooden Skin
Your skin is hard as wood, is partly resistant to damage inflicted by normal weapons and catches fire easily.

Additional Items

As mentioned before, various items will be added to the inventory automatically when gaining levels. The following items will be available:

Autumn Leafrobe/Green Leafrobe
Comes in 4 variations, is enchanted with both Burden and Shield.

Seed of Life
Necklace, increases your Restoration skill. Comes in 2 colors.

Autumn Garland/Green Garland
Headwear, comes in 3 variations, is enchanted with Resist Magic.

Tree’s Hand
Blunt weapon, plain wooden staff.

Earth’s Reclaim
Staff, wooden orb staff decorated with leaves, Earth Damage on target.

Grasp Of Roots
Staff, wooden orb staff decorated with leaves, Root on target.

Both magical staves come in a less strong novice version, these are wooden staves with an orb and without the leaves.



I would recommend using 7zip to extract the files.
Move the Data folder to your Oblivion folder.
Install the optional files of your choice, same procedure.


Remove the following files and folders:



Additional Info