XCE - Xenius Character Expansion


This mod adds 143 character customisation options to the game. It does not affect non-playable characters.
Everything except brows can be applied to both genders. Brows are only available for female characters. I might add some for males at a later time.

Includes contents of the following mods, in one add-on:

  • Wasteland Warpaint: a selection of custom face paint textures, including several layered designs.
  • Alternate Scars: originally a replacement for some of the vanilla scars. Now available as an option.
  • Additional Eyes: several new eyes in various colours and flavours.
  • Weathered Face Paint: originally a replacer for the vanilla face paint. Now available as additional choices.
  • Additional Face Paint: a number of face paint textures, originally created by fellow modder Gizmodian. Was only available as a replacer before.
  • Some previously unreleased stuff.


  • Brows: 9
  • Burn: 4
  • Dirt: 14
  • Eyes: 18
  • Face Paint: 65
  • Scar: 16
  • Skin colour: 5
  • Smudge: 7
  • Tattoo: 4



Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files.
Move the Data folder to your Fallout 4 folder.

Activate the xce.esp file


Deactivate the xce.esp file.

Remove the following files:
Data\xce – textures.ba2

Additional Info